Social Media Management

Social Media Management

By now, most people know how to use social media to keep in touch with friends and family as well as promote their business or service. Most of us can easily navigate to a business page to find out about upcoming news, information, or to learn about an event. While it may seem simple to manage a social media page for a municipality, there is much more to consider. 

Answering Comments & Questions

What happens when residents or visitors begin asking questions on your social media page? A municipal policy should dictate how answers are given or whether questions and comments should be left for open discussion. GovSites will provide your municipality with several scenarios to consider when developing your social media policy. Generally, we do not recommend answering social media questions. 

Accurate Information 

People will begin to rely on the information that is posted on your social media account. It is imperative that the posting of social media information coincide with the information that is being delivered on the official municipal website to ensure that all residents have access to the information, regardless of whether they "follow" municipal social media posts. In addition, information should drive residents back to the municipal website so that they can find additional supporting documents or get updates should they be necessary. 

Record Retention

Records retention is a serious concern with municipal social media accounts. The State of NJ does not currently have an official policy for handling social media records, however, GovSites has a method of retaining social media posts, comments, messages, and "likes" so that the information could be provided in the event of an OPRA request. This often includes comments that are deleted or modified. We invite you to reach out to us for a demo of the system.

What GovSites does

When added as part of a web management program, GovSties will schedule your municipal social media to automatically publish information as it is posted on the official municipal website. In addition, we will boost posts to the appropriate audience to increase participation on the account. To help with records retention requirements, GovSites will archive all social media for OPRA requests and any issues that may arise. We will provide technical insight and work with your municipal legal department to develop a social media policy provides residents with a clear and concise outline of the municipal account. 

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