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We understand that a website redesign is a daunting task and may seem too big to take on. There are often hundreds of unknown aspects such as layout, functionality, new text, moving information, and document conversion. GovSites is here to help. Our redesign services are completely different from other municipal website providers. Instead of a site being built and then handed over to the municipality for updates and changes, GovSites offers complete management packages to keep the site as fresh as the day it was originally launched. This ongoing service helps to eliminate much of the stress associated with a redesign since nothing is set in stone and most aspects of the site can be modified if it isn't functioning as desired. 

Design Process

Our design process begins with a meeting to discuss the goals of the new site and ensure that all of the functionality requirements have been outlined in the proposal documents. We will also look at options for site designs or come up with a plan for a custom layout if requested. GovSites will then begin the process of migrating all of the documents and content from the old site to the new design. We will use all of the original text from the old site to help expedite the process, however, there will be many opportunities to make changes to all aspects of the content throughout the process. 

After we are completed with the site design and content transfer (typically 8-12 weeks), we will launch the site internally. During an internal launch, municipal staff and select residents (if requested) will have access to the site to make change requests, update content, and ensure that the site meets your functionality goals. During this time, GovSites will spend a full day on-site at your municipal hall to meet with departments and staff to ensure that their section of the site is accurate and meets their needs. 


After full approval has been given and all of the requested changes have been completed, GovSites will launch your new website to the public. This is where our service really stands apart. While most companies would require that all updates now be completed by the municipal staff, GovSites handles all of the content change and site build requests. This means that simply emailing GovSites support will result in a site update, with the content being formatted for Section 508 compliance and placement in the correction section of the website. Better still, most requests for content updates, documents, news, and calendar changes are made same-day. 

In addition to updating content, GovSites includes unlimited page additions, menu changes, and general site updates so that as your municipality grows, your site grows as well. There are no additional charges to add new content and most new functionality requests can be completed at no additional charge as part of our management service. 


While we can build a site that functions perfectly, provides all of the necessary content, and meets state & federal requirements, it is useless if the users are not able to find the information. GovSites uses site analytics to learn about how people use the site, how they search for information, and the number of pages visited before reaching their final content destination. While this information is completely anonymous and does not reveal any information about the user, it helps us understand how the site is being used and gives us insight into ways to improve the experience for residents. This includes the addition of "How do I?" or a new quicklink section that includes the most commonly requested pages. 

GovSites will generally review the analytics every 3-6 months and make changes accordingly to ensure that the site continues to deliver the information that residents desire in the most effective manor. 

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