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As more municipal services make their way online, GovSites recognizes the need to keep residents informed and up to date on their community. In the craziness of daily municipal life, updating the website can often make its way to the back burner.

With several staff members having access to the site, it is often assumed that someone else made the update. Scanned documents are often uploading without converting for compliance and Section 508 requirements are often overlooked after the website launches. Information that is days, months, and even years old remains on the home page and broken links can be found everyone as new content is added onto the site in existing places because the web provider doesn't allow new areas to be built without paying fees.  Does this sound like your municipality? 

GovSites is here to revolutionize how municipalities disseminate information to residents and businesses. Instead of the tech responsibility being the responsibility of already inundated staff, a single email gets the website updated. GovSites handles all of the necessary document conversions, uploads, and updates. We perform checks for state and federal compliance as well as ensure that information is archived when it is no longer relevant to the residents. Better yet, nearly all requests for calendar updates, newsfeed posts, and document submissions are completed same-day. 

In addition to content updates, GovSites provides ongoing builds, meaning that as your municipality grows, your website keeps up. With our management plan, you will never have to pay to add pages, rearrange menus, and even add certain functionality to the site.

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