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When looking at companies to design and manage your municipal website, consider the platform on which the system is developed. Many companies will boast that their website operates a proprietary content management system or that they have developed proprietary software for their website. While on the surface a proprietary system may sound impressive, proprietary software simply isn't necessary and has the potential to be detrimental to the future of your website. 

Most municipalities, or a member of your municipal staff, can likely name one or two proprietary systems that have caused major headaches for them at one time or another during their career. The problem with a proprietary content management system is that in many cases, the only company who can support the system is the company who sold it to you. This means that if your municipality decides that they no longer wish to work with a provider, the website must be rebuilt from scratch. Additionally, if the company ceases to exist, updates to the software will end and your website will ultimately become useless. 

GovSites believes that once a municipality pays for a website, it should be theirs. While our business is built on providing ongoing service to handle all of your website's backend systems, the site is built on an open source platform and upon completion of our contract, your are under no obligation to continue paying us to keep your site online. We are so confident that your staff and residents will recognize the benefits of our service that there is no long-term commitments or proprietary systems in place to prevent you from taking our website and continuing your own management after completion of the initial contract.

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