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GovSites Simplifies The Design Process

We understand that a website redesign is a daunting task and may seem too big to take on so we do things differently. By including a minimum of three months of complete management with every municipal website that we launch, GovSites allows you to ease into your new design, getting feedback from residents and continuing the build after it launches without any additional cost.

Our 6-step design process is outlined below.

Initial Meeting

The redesign process begins with the initial meeting or call to discuss key aspects of the website design and ongoing management. Topics include: 
  • Layout selection
  • Flow of information
  • Timelines
  • Key features 
  • Management options
  • Municipal roles
Within the First 2 weeks
Municipal web design process - step 1

Site Design & Content Migration

During the first phase of the site build, GovSites will design the site layout based on the specifications discussed during the initial meeting. All of the site content will be migrated from the existing website, including department information, documents (converted and renamed), contact information, and any recent news that is still relevant.

Weeks 2-7
Municipal web design process - step 1

Content Verification

Upon completion of the website redesign and content migration, GovSites will launch the website internally. During the internal launch, the website will remain password protected and will only be accessible by a pre-determined list of municipal employees and elected officials. We ask that each department visit their respective page on the website to verify that all of the content is accurate. We will provide digital forms to request changes to the site's content.

Weeks 7-8
Municipal web design process - step 1

Site Launch

After the content is verified and the website has been tested internally, we prepare for the public launch of the website. The launch process varies based on factors such as email management, domain ownership, and individual needs of the municipality but we generally recommend launching late at night or over the weekend to limit any disruptions to the public.

As early as week 8
Municipal web design process - step 1

Analyze & Update

This is where things start to get different. In many cases, your website launch is where the site build ends. The content must be updated by the municipality and the designer often charges fees for any modifications that they are asked to make after the launch. At GovSites we believe that modern municipal websites are a service, not a product. The public expects an everchanging digital platform and that is our specialty. 

We include 3 months of complete management with every build. This means that we will continue to build the site after it launches. Simple changes like modifying text, updating a document, or changing a photo are guaranteed same-day. Beyond that, we continue to make major site changes at no additional cost. This includes new layouts, navigation structures, pages, and entire site sections. 

After the first 3 months of public use, GovSites will analyze website data to understand how people are actually interacting with the website. We use non-identifiable analytic to understand what information people reading and what information they are struggling to find. We then restructure the site's navigation, add quick links, and a "How Do I" section to make their experience better.
Municipal web design process - step 1

Ongoing Builds & Content Management

We want you to have complete control over your website. For this reason, we give options for ongoing service beyond the launch. We also offer completely custom packages if our regular service options do not meet your needs or budget. 

Most clients opt for our full management, which includes everything from general consulting to website management, ongoing builds, analytics review, and no-cost site feature changes. If that doesn't work for your needs, we offer basic content management packages or support-only options. 

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Depending on the amount of information to be migrated, the current status of your municipal website, and layout selection, we normally launch the website internally within 8-12 weeks.

Following the internal launch, the total time to the public launch depends on the requests made by municipal staff and elected officials.

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